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Photo by: B.A.S.S. / Seigo Saito

> Day 3: 5, 19-05 (15, 62-01) The place Ashley had relied on the first two mornings for a solid 18-pound limit was a ghost town today, but he was able to fall back on other areas to stay in the top 5. 

“I’m happy to be where I’m at,” he said. “Any time you’re in the top 5, you can’t complain. I need to stay there with the way the points situation is now.”

With Palaniuk charging into the top 3 today, Ashley ceded the AOY points lead to him (Palaniuk leads by 5 points entering Sunday). 

Ashley thinks the lack of wind may have prompted the fish at his key area to move around. He’s hopeful they come back Sunday or he can relocate them. 

“I have other stuff, but I just have to work a little harder for them,” he added. “That place was easy.”

Everything he weighed today was caught on a dropshot. He said the calm conditions allowed him to basically sight-fish in the crystal-clear water. He knows he’ll need to catch his biggest bag of the tournament Sunday to overcome his 4-plus pound deficit.

“I haven’t seen many 5s where I’m fishing, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there,” he said. “I just haven’t seen them.”

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“You always dream of fishing the Bassmaster Classic on your home lake, but to be able to win it on your home lake? This is a dream come true.” 
Casey Ashley
Casey does not imitate or mimic country. He defines it.

He has ridden the back roads from rural Carolina all the way to victory lane of the Bassmaster Classic, leaving many people wondering who Casey Ashley is and what the secret is to winning the world championship of bass fishing.

Born and raised in Donalds, S.C., Ashley’s blood is as red as Piedmont clay and when he speaks you can hear the easy, confident flow of the Savannah River in his voice.

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