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Casey Ashley sits in sixth place heading into today's final round, and he's hoping Guntersville lives up to its potential.
"You never know with this place," Ashley said. "It's loaded with fish. I'm in a good area, but any of us could pull up on our first spot and catch 30 pounds. You can get well real quick on this place."
Ashley said he plans to expand on his primary area today, having more water to roam because there are fewer anglers in the field.

After bouncing around for an hour and catching several short fish, Ashley returned to his sweet spot to run out the last 45 minutes. He manages to catch one bass that let's him cull up a few ounces

Ashley moves for the third time since leaving his sweet spot. He's trying different baits and patterns hoping for a last minute kicker. He needs it badly.

Ashley hears the clock ticking. It prompts him to leave the spot he's been fishing since the start of the Classic. After 30 minutes there without a bite he moves again.

The water where Ashley is fishing is flat calm with bright sunshine beating down. He needs a kicker fish to keep pace with the leaders. There's still time but the bass aren't helping.

Ashley's bites are coming so slowly that only two fans have hung around to watch him. Ashley looks calm and collected but he has to be feeling the pressure. He stops to rig up a bait that he hasn't shown to the bass yet during this Classic. He gives it two casts and goes back to what he had been doing.

My boat driver, Phil Williams, and I just checked out two other creeks looking for other pros to photograph. We didn't find any. Other than Cliff Prince, I don't believe there's another pro fishing within 5 miles of Ashley. If his bass cooperate, he's going to have them to himself.

Ashley right on schedule - BASSTrakk shows Casey Ashley with 14 pounds, 8 ounces, which was about what he had this time yesterday, en route to his fourth-place total of 23-2. "At noon I had a limit of about 12 to 15 pounds. They turned on at noon, and I culled everything I had in about 20 minutes," Ashley said.

Casey Ashley is working hard for every bite. His persistence just paid off with another solid bass that allowed him to cull. He still needs a few more quality bass to get over the 20-pound threshold.

Casey Ashley's move to expand his territory pays off. He hooks a good bass that reluctantly comes to the boat where Ashley lip-lands it. The 4-pound bass lets him cull. I was wrong on my last blog when I said he had only four. He must have snuck one in on me when I was shooting Cliff Pirch.

“You always dream of fishing the Bassmaster Classic on your home lake, but to be able to win it on your home lake? This is a dream come true.” 
Casey Ashley
Casey does not imitate or mimic country. He defines it.

He has ridden the back roads from rural Carolina all the way to victory lane of the Bassmaster Classic, leaving many people wondering who Casey Ashley is and what the secret is to winning the world championship of bass fishing.

Born and raised in Donalds, S.C., Ashley’s blood is as red as Piedmont clay and when he speaks you can hear the easy, confident flow of the Savannah River in his voice.

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