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"I said, 'The Classic's coming to your home lake this year. You better tighten up.'"

Casey Ashley, recounting the motivational pep talk he gave himself Thursday night before sacking a tournament-high 22-0 limit on Friday in the Blue Ridge Brawl

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Berkley pros pick hot baits for Lake Guntersville - "I've been on this lake for two days. It's a big lake; it fishes really big. There's a big shad spawn going on and I'm sure that is what it will be won on. They're spawning way out there on these hydrilla flats and the big largemouth are coming up and feeding on them. You've just got to be able to find where the bass will target the shad in those areas. It's a hard bite to pin down in just a couple of days. I did find one place but it's pretty much just getting out there and casting into this bunch of hydrilla. Read More
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EVANS, Ga. — The strategy for the 50 Bassmaster Elite Series pros fishing the Pride of Georgia presented by Evan Williams Bourbon on Saturday runs something like this: Hurry up and catch some fish, before the weather gets nice.

After weights generally increased Friday from Day One, the forecasted cloudless skies and calm conditions were bound to put a premium on the early morning bite.

"Guys are gonna have to slow down, once that sun gets up," Ashley said. Read More

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Day One standings Casey Ashley, who grew up on Clarks Hill and is leading the tournament with 22-6, said he's not doing anything special with his technique, and gave up the skinny on his style without any reservations. Ashley said he's throwing a jig in the shallow water on points and he's covering a lot of water. Read More
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Bassmaster Elite Series pro Casey Ashley has been named the newest member of the Lucky Craft pro staff. The 24-year-old South Carolinian has been hooked up with Lucky Craft since early April, but the official announcement just dropped today. He joins Skeet Reese, Takahiro Omori, Gerald Swindle, Kelly Jordon and Marty Stone as part of the Lucky Craft national team.

"I'm very excited about this sponsorship," Ashley said. "This is big for me. Lucky Craft is one of the top names in the fishing industry, and I'm honored to be a part of the team - especially because of the big names who are already a part it."

About the new addition, Lucky Craft President Minoru Segawa said: "I am very excited about Ashley's decision to join the Lucky Craft pro staff. I am looking forward to watching him grow as a person and an angler, and I can't wait to see what 2008 brings."

> Ashley's off to a solid start in the 2008 Elite Series. He stubbed his with a 107 finish at Amistad, but he's finished no less than 28th in the other four events. He also scored a 17th-place finish in the Bassmaster Classic. Read More

“You always dream of fishing the Bassmaster Classic on your home lake, but to be able to win it on your home lake? This is a dream come true.” 
Casey Ashley
Casey does not imitate or mimic country. He defines it.

He has ridden the back roads from rural Carolina all the way to victory lane of the Bassmaster Classic, leaving many people wondering who Casey Ashley is and what the secret is to winning the world championship of bass fishing.

Born and raised in Donalds, S.C., Ashley’s blood is as red as Piedmont clay and when he speaks you can hear the easy, confident flow of the Savannah River in his voice.

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